Luciara® - Stretch mark prevention cream

Luciara® is a moisturizing cream that can prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. It is made with ingredients that hydrate and increase the elasticity of the skin and it is safe stretch mark prevention cream to be used during pregnancy. Luciara® does not contain perfumes, preservatives, lanolin, alcohol or other cosmetic substances that can cause allergies, dizziness or harm the baby's development, hence stated as one of the best stretch mark prevention cream during pregnancy.

Luciara® is the moisturizing cream most recommended by doctors.*

How Luciara® Works

Luciara® exerts a Dual Hydro Action. Its combination of ingredients promotes a deep hydration of the skin, with capacity to absorb and retain moisture. Also, its emollient properties, based on water and oil, potentiate skin protection and care during pregnancy.The consistency of Luciara® forms a layer over the skin, a kind of protective barrier, which penetrates into the deepest levels of the skin. Applying Luciara® is very easy and safe, even for sensitive skin. More effective when applied on wet skin and massage lightly for a few seconds until the cream is absorbed by the skin for better results. Luciara® deeply hydrates the skin and provides 24 hours prolonged action.

Benefits of Luciara®

  • Safer in pregnancy- Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to use- Once a day application



Luciara® has been clinically proven to guarantee your safety and that of your baby. Also, the product contains no urea, a substance that can affect the development of the baby. Luciara® was specifically designed to get the maximum skin tolerance with the minimum use of purified ingredients.

Luciara® innovative formula contains substances effective for active and passive hydration, acting quickly on the skin. The product offers hydration for up to 24 hours after application (see instructions for use*). If you feel the need to apply it more times, you can do it. The important thing is that your skin should be always hydrated.

Stretch marks may appear because of the genetic predisposition of the pregnant woman, such as having a family history of stretch marks. Other factors that predispose the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy are young motherhood, weight gain during pregnancy, baby weight, abdominal adiposity and smoking.

Hydration plays a key role in preventing stretch marks. The skin, massaged with Luciara®, is well hydrated and has more elasticity. Another preventive habit is to drink a lot of water and have a healthy diet, which helps to maintain a proper weight, according to your doctor's recommendations.


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